The pen, alas, is not really mightier than the sword, but it can still pack in the proverbial punch…even for posterity!  Where metal eventually rots, words and thoughts remain. And that- to steal a line from Frost- makes all the difference!

Notes and Anecdotes is a little niche I am carving out and spreading like a fine French jam, free from any one category or topic: Culture, Society, Global Matters, Politics, Random Thoughts, Witty Observations,  Media, Film, The Arts, Environmental Issues, Rants, Raves and Ramblings are all par for the course.  Words not only connect the dots, but can create masterful bridges toward independent thought.  I hope my somewhat quixotic approach will entice you to stop over  for a read and even add comment… or four.

Just a little nibbling food for thought from The Mighty Niush!


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    • Dear Christadelphian,
      First of all thank you for checking-out my blog. I’m pleased that you found something interesting in my article to quote. I just wanted to that if you quote a direct sentence to please be so kind as to include the quotation marks. Also, where you wrote : “he is feeling totally exhausted and having existential angst, with no reprieve in sight” Are you referring to yourself? Just to clarify The Mighty Niush! is actually a “she” 😉 but in my article I made a reference to people in general, hence, “they“.
      Thanks again and I look forward to checking out your site.

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